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Problem: Problem having high CPU usage after downloading Moode audio
Just joined this forum and posting at the first time. I have windows vista, and I have download Moode audio yesterday after one of my friends recommended it.

I did nothing but my CPU usage has been burst to 95% when I checked the log of task manager and found that svchost is taking too much CPU resources. 

I looked on Google to resolve the problem and got this site in a search result and did exact steps and my CPU usage has been reduced to 60%. Still, I think 65% cpu usage is too much, I have installed only Moode.

Don't know if it is the problem with the Moode or windows? 

Any help would be so appreciated!
MoOde is for the Raspberry Pi SBC devices.

Your post seems to indicate you attempted somehow to install it into your windows computer ?!?

Task manager is a Windows program so your reported CPU problem is apparently on a Windows computer.
This is not a MoOde problem.
MoOde is not for Windows devices.
Prolly the ancient Windows Vista OS and IE Browser that's choking on the modern Javascript that runs the moOde UI.

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