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NanoSound DAC Pro anyone?
Perhaps others already know of it but new to me is the NanoSound DAC Pro.

This is a RPi HAT with the following claimed specs:
  • Texas Instruments PCM5122 DAC
    192kHz Sampling Rate / 24bit Resolution Burr-Brown DAC for best sound quality
    Hardware volume control for best quality using “alsamixer”
  • Texas Instruments TPS7A4700 Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulator
  • 1.3" High Resolution OLED Display
  • Switchable Power Option
  • Power from a single microUSB port or independently
  • Raspberry Pi Power switch
    Turn on and Gracefully shut down Raspberry Pi System
  • 6 GPIO buttons for Media Control
  • Infrared Receiver and Remote Control (LIRC compatible)
  • Works with all Raspberry Pi with 40pin Header (Including Pi 3 Model B+, Pi 3 Model B , Pi 2 Model B, Pi 1 B+)
It's being mentioned specifically with respect to Volumio but I see no reason a priori why it would not work equally well with moOde if it works at all.

So far, I have found only fluff pieces about it; no hardcore audiophile assessment. Anyone here try it yet?


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