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Instruction Guide Youtube configuration
Hi People,
pls could you help me to configure Youtube to listen it via Moode?

Thanks a lot, 
Nicola Smile
No suggestion? Sad
Depending on what device you're playing the video on you could send the audio to Moode via Bluetooth or Airplay if that's what you mean?
Sorry, I'm playing with Raspberry 4 and via usb it connected to a DAC.
(02-25-2020, 01:37 PM)enjoy Wrote: Sorry, I'm playing with Raspberry 4 and via usb it connected to a DAC.

OK, so as vinnn said, you can play the YouTube video on a laptop/tablet/smartphone etc and send it to Moode via Bluetooth or Airplay.
Sorry but I don't understand, I presume that I have to connect the Raspberry with smartphone via Bluetooth and then share the video from Youtube, right? But if I search the Rasberry from the smartphone via Bluetooth I don't see the Raspberry.

I hope I was clear.
You have to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, and enable and configure it on Moode. When the two are paired you should be able to stream YouTube audio from your phone to Moode.
(I've never done that myself so please someone correct me if I got it wrong!)
@jonners I have activated the bluetooth on Moode but the smratphone doens't see it? Sad
Did you also turn on the Paring agent?
Thanks @Tim Curtis , where is the pairing agent setting? Sorry for my ignorance Sad

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