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Instruction Guide Argon one case
For people who has this case and want to manage power button, fan speed...

This case is incredible !
I top to 40° after 2 hours of playing music on my PI4.

Here the guide to install the script

The installation steps :

SSH to Moode
sudo apt update
sudo apt install raspi.gpio (if its not already installed)
sudo wget
sudo chmod 755 ./
sudo ./

Wait the script does the work and try to shutdown Moode using web interface
Then you will have a complete shutdown with power off.

Done !

How to use it :

To manage fan, go SSH use this command and follow the guide provide with the case

If you want to uninstall the hole script
Thanks for that info.. very timely as I have just assembled my case this morning.
Followed your 'how to' and then adjusted fan speeds and temps.
I don't expect MoOde to stress the Pi4 past what the passive cooling can you say it is incredible how cool it keeps the Pi.

Edit.. Playing all morning and with an ambient 22 C the Pi4 CPUset for On-Demand runs at  36C.  for 'Performance" it runs at 39C.

The power button settings seem fine other than I would like to have a longer delay between safe shutdown (3 second hold) and hard kill (5 seconds hold)  Would be more family friendly...

Just checking if I would change the setting in /usr/bin/  from..

elif pulsetime >=4 and pulsetime <=5:
                       os.system("shutdown now -h")

to something like...

elif pulsetime >=4 and pulsetime <=10:
                       os.system("shutdown now -h")

Well sorry i have no coding skill. I let other answers you
Modify the pulsetime seems logic to me.
FYI, if you're using the awesome Argon40 case with a HiFiBerry DAC, you'll probably need an insulator between the case and the board.

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