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Instruction Guide Squeezelite + LMS on Moode
You want to give a try to squeezelite + Logitech Media Server (LMS) on your Moode Os ?
Here are the steps :

If you need help to configure it, go to
If you want a good tutorial to setup squeezelite options and LMS options i can suggest Soundcheck's tutorial
Be aware that this tutorial is initially for picoreplayer, you may have to adapt it a bit !

A/ Allowed Squeezelite renderer in Moode option :

Settings > Audio > Renderers > Squeezelite
Click On and SET.

B/ Edit options :

1/ Click on EDIT
2/ Personnalize
3/ Save
4/ Go SSH and login to Moode
sudo systemctl restart squeezelite

At this moment your renderer is on, personalized and restarted.

C/ Install LMS :

LMS is the server (and the UI) that allowed you to pilot and use squeezelite, you have two different way to use it

I / Having LMS on you personal computer/Laptop, so the LMS server send music data to your pi trough your personal network.
This means you have to keep your laptop/Pc on

Go to
Select the version you wants and install it (depends on your OS)

II / Install LMS on your pi with Moode then the server is independent

1/ SSH to Moode
sudo wget
sudo dpkg -i logitechmediaserver_8.0.0~1582906375_arm.deb

2/ Reach the LMS server using your internet browser http://yourMoodeip:9000

You have to setup LMS (check the link below),
You can personalized it using plugins
Done !

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