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Airplay - How to get the best audio quality ?

I'm looking to apply the best setup on two Raspberry Pi working as Airplay receiver:
- HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro
- Integrated soundcard

Does anyone know if it's possible to change any parameters to get a better quality ?

Best regards
You could upsample in the Pi, its fairly easy to experiment.

That said, the Apple signal is fixed at 44.1 / 16. Curiously enough, if you are sending the stream to an Apple TV, it will upsample it to 48.

I, for one, think that the default non-resampled setting sounds best. But then, I am a seeker of BitPerfect. Other's have found success upsampling in the Pi.
Most dacs oversample internally so the idea is that if the algorithm or process by which that happens isn’t very good you can achieve better results doing it yourself with a known good resampler (like sox) and passing that stream to the dac where it might not manipulate it further.

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