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Mount Synology NAS?
I'm using an Allo USBridge with moOde 6.4.x and can mount my DS214play running DS6.2.2.xxxx.

I called my DS214 in the systems settings of the DS6.2.2. just "NAS" and the shared "music" folder holds my music collections, which is itunes with approx 30000 titles.
I have activated SMB and NFS, and SSDF and WS Discovery, beside Bonjour (needed for time machine backups from my MAC)
In moOde I just "create" a music source under the library config.
I then just type in the network path : NAS/music/itunes (I do NOT use the "Scan" function)
Use my DS "user admin name" as USER ID and admin password for PASSWORD, then "save"

If everything okay, you will get ok tick. After that you need to "RE-GEN MPD Database"
(03-17-2020, 11:08 PM)normand Wrote:
(03-17-2020, 10:17 PM)Listener Wrote: ... MoOde requires Windows...

How does MoOde require windows
pi / MoOde = linux
syno nas = linux

nothing here requires Linux.


Sorry, just a typo. You are of course correct.

I just got my Synology NAS working. The clue was the folder and file permission settings. In the DSE I've specified that my music share on SMB is only readable. Therefore the correct mount flags have to be set which are in my case the following:

vers specifies the SMB protocol version.
ro should already mean "read only" but I still had to change the dir_mode and file_mode to 0444 which means readable only by any user/group.

Saving these settings got success in my case  Smile
Hmm, due to the complexity and the errors in SMB, I try to get rid of SAMBA on my self-build FreeBSD NAS/etc Server. Therefor I am now using since month NFS which works excellent.
In my
of my server I have :

/storage/music -ro -mapall=appleshare -network 10.0.0/24

"appleshare" is the group name and also the generic user that own all directories and files under /storage/music . So any remote NFS User will have access to all files. If you share the directory with your kids but they are too young for some music, you will need to change the owner for that music files e.g. to parents-only. You will then need another line to export also this "special" music as another source for MoOde and setup your Parent-only device....

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