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Problem: Airplay renderer sample rate
Let me start by wishing all of you good health in these uncertain times! 

Now my small problem with Moode: When I set the airplay sample rate to 352.8 kHz in the Renderers section of moode, the music starts with a short static burst of noise. A few seconds after the music ends there is static noise too.
Reducing the sample rate helps, but I like the overall sound of the music more in 352.8 kHz.
This is with a pcm5122 card (allo mini boss) and a pcm5242 card (iquadio dac pro)

Is there a solution to this problem?
The symptoms suggest an issue with shairport-sync. You might try searching the issues list to see if your particular issue has already been posted or just post a new issue describing your symptoms. Include the version of shairport-sync and a copy of the conf file.

shairport-sync -V
cat /etc/shairport-sync.conf
Probably should look at the github README too.

I notice a discrepancy in it.

Early on, it says

Quote:Shairport Sync must have direct access to the output device used, which must be a real sound card capable of working with 44,100, 88,200 or 176,400 samples per second, interleaved PCM stereo of 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits. The default is 44,100 samples per second / 16 bits (you'll get a message in the logfile if there's a problem).

but then, later on, it says

Quote:Output frame rates of 44,100, 88,200, 176,000 or 352,000 frames per second.

It's possible the range discrepancy is just a case of documentation not keeping up with development.

There's also a TROUBLESHOOTING page. I don't see specifically your issue but it's got some interesting tidbits. More importantly, its content shows the developer pays attention to his userbase.

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