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Problem: Cambridge Audio Amplifier Control
Dear All,

I hope that you are all fine: in France we are now all in containment with the Corona Virus infectious disease everywhere in the country...

I am currently in the process to build a USBBridge/Katana DiY Setup and I would like to switch on my Cambridge Audio 851A amplifier when I will start MOODE.
As I am not someone that knows how to write any software, I therefore searched for someone that already did it on the web: I found that Andrew Bolin ( developed a while (for a Cambridge 540 amplifier) a python software able to send commands through the proprietary Cambridge Audio "Control Bus".

Then I tried it without success:
  • I  installed the pigpiod library as the software was using it,
  • Then I launched many times some ssh commands without any results;
  • Then after a reboot, I noticed that MOODE was not working normally anymore: sound was distorted and sluggish. I eventually found that the problem was linked to the pigpiod library itself: when I stopped the pigpiod.service, everything came back to normal.
So my guess is that my first trials did not work because there are maybe some conflicts between the pigpiod library and the MOODE software...

I would be grateful if someone could give me a piece of advice. Thank you in advance.

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