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Thanks + Android UI user experience + radio streams

Thank you very much for moodeaudio as it is a great tool to play nice music on a little raspberry pi ! (rpi 4, 2 Go, USB DAC and class D amp)

I like the fact that it is only about music (different from Kodi), that you can browse your files or your tags, and the easy way to handle web radios.

About UI : on an android phone, I find it way easier to use an app like M.A.L.P or MPDroid than web UI to control your playback and playlists. Web UI is nice on a PC, or on a tablet, but on a phone buttons are to small, it seems less responsive, I find it unpratical and not so nice to use. With M.A.L.P or MPDroid :
- UI is more responsive
- you can go through your tags or file much quicker and easier with swipe moves
- you can reach current playlist with a swipe move and back to your library with another move.
- you can set volume with phone buttons
And so on. Just for others to know that it could be interesting for them, as I found very few info on the ability to control moodeaudio with these mpd client app, and it works very well. For my use moodeaudio + MPDroid seems like the right combo.

About radios : It seems strange that you have to handle a radio stream as a song, by adding it in a current playlist. It could be a separate box : one box to play songs, and you can toggle to enter another box where you can hear at radio streams. It should be another thing that songs and playlists.

Thank you again,


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