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Thank you !
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Hi !
I registered only for one reason: say a big thank you for this great software.
Easy to install, easy to use, great integrations (Spotify, squeezelite...) !
My family is thankfull for your amazing job !  Heart

(I would have only one request: a way to block some IP's. I don't want that every user on my local network can access to my music library. I still haven't found a way to restrict access to Moode for a defined IP range.)
(03-26-2020, 01:15 PM)quart-temps Wrote: I still haven't found a way to restrict access to Moode for a defined IP range.)

Can you achieve this through your network router?  A poke about in the advanced configuration will probably deliver a page where you can restrict what certain devices on the network are allowed to do.
Thank you the_bertrum,
unfortunately i can't do this through the router of my internet box.

How comfortable are you working from the Linux command line?

IMHO, the proper way to restrict IP access to your moOde player is to enable its firewall. That's not configurable from within moOde; it would require working from the command line. Raspbian comes with iptables built in but I'd install ufw as well to ease the configuration chore. Note: you can lock yourself out of the system if you enable "deny" rules incautiously.

If you've comfortable working from the command line, this should be enough information for you to find tutorials with a web search. If need be, give a shout and I can outline what it takes to create a minimal firewall. Mind you, I haven't tested exhaustively to make sure I'm not missing something needed for one service or another in moOde.

It's also possible to be less stringent by configuring just the nginx web server component of moOde to limit IP access, which might be sufficient for your needs, but also will require working from the command line. I'm not comfortable discussing this approach.

Thank you Kent ! My command line skills are really limited.

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