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Hiccup at track transition
Yes, I am sure that I haven't intentionally inserted any gaps, but maybe the software has; I'm waiting for the next email from Paul. I have zoomed in as far as is possible to check and there are no gaps, except at the lead out and lead in between sides of the triple album.

Why FLAC and not ALAC? I've always ripped all my CDs and vinyl to ALAC so that everything is compatible with iTunes, which I use for transferring albums to iPod and iPhones for use in the car.
"Why FLAC and not ALAC?"
For my money, simply that FLAC is supported in more places/devices.
"so that everything is compatible with iTunes, which I use for transferring albums to iPod and iPhones for use in the car"
If you are on an Apple OS ecosystem throughout, probably best to stay where you are, if you have Windows computers in the mix, try Media Monkey which can copy files onto iPods etc, and will convert formats as it does so. I use this so I can have source files in FLAC, ALAC on my iPod classic that has sufficient capacity. and various compressed formats on the smaller iPod/iPhone/SD card devices I have in other places.
@the_bertrum, everything's Apple and since MoOde plays well with ALAC, I'll stick with it.
(03-31-2020, 06:40 AM)ICLlP Wrote: Thank you Gary. I’ll try spitting the tracks again. I certainly haven’t intentionally inserted any gaps and if I had done it accidentally one wouldn’t expect them to all be the same length. The M4A files are Apple Lossless (ALAC).


Just so you're aware, the files you uploaded are encoded 128kb/s .m4a AAC (lossy), not .m4a ALAC (lossless):

From MediaInfo:

ID :                           1
Format :                   AAC LC
Format/Info:              Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity
Codec ID :                 mp4a-40-2
Duration :                  10 min 17 s
Source duration:         10 min 17 s
Bit rate mode:            Variable
Bit rate :                   128 kb/s
Maximum bit rate :      235 kb/s
Channel(s) :               2 channels
Channel layout :         L R
Sampling rate:            44.1 kHz
Frame rate :              43.066 FPS (1024 SPF)
Compression mode :            Lossy
Stream size:               9.26 MiB (98%)
Source stream size :    9.26 MiB (98%)
Encoded date :           UTC 2020-03-25 21:14:25
Tagged date:             UTC 2020-03-25 21:14:25
mdhd_Duration:         617320

For illustration - the same AAC encoded file - converted to ALAC lossless (pointless, I know) looks like this:

ID:                           1
Format:                    ALAC
Codec ID:                 alac
Codec ID/:                Apple Lossless Audio Codec
Duration:                  10 min 17 s
Bit rate mode:           Variable
Bit rate:                    803 kb/s
Channel(s):               2 channels
Sampling rate:           44.1 kHz
Bit depth:                  16 bits
Stream size:              59.1 MiB (100%)

The file-size is also a bit of a giveaway.  A 10 minute lossless (ALAC or FLAC) track comes in at around 59MB, not 9MB.

Pi-4B[1GB] with Allo DigiOne SPDIF

'This is the time. And this is the record of the time.'
@gbh_uk , thanks for that Gary. I thought I had set it to save as ALAC in Vinyl Studio’s preference, but all I had done was set the preferences for ALAC if that’s how I choose to save them. That choice needs to be made at save for each album.

I hadn’t checked file sizes, but I was surprised that the HDD which MoOde reads hasn’t yet reached capacity.

I’ll now need to resave my entire vinyl collection. At least the ripping is done! I’ll also check an ALAC version of the problem album for glitches.
This is clearly not a MoOde problem. How do I remove the problem tag for the thread?
For the potential interest of others I’ll let you know how it progresses. Thanks to all for your help.
Just edit your original post (#1). There will be a dripdorn next to the title.
Don’t you just love dripdorns? ?
Can’t get’em in my area Tongue
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