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RPI4 USB transport vs DAC Hat

I have setup the rpi4 with IQ Audio DAC Pro.

Do you think I would see huge sound upgrade if
I used the rpi4 as USB transport into a Topping D50
or Schiit AK4490 DAC?

Or these are small differences.
The only person who could say one way or the other would!

The only opinion that anybody could add would be based upon their own experiences. For example, I have an IQAudio DAC Pro mounted on an RPI 3B. It is a very fine piece of kit. I’ve run it into my Naim active SBLs system; it is by no means disgraced in that company. However it is bettered by my Musical Fidelity VDAC2-VPSU.  And both are blown away by my nDAC-XPS.

But obviously, the above is in my not-so-humble opinion.


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