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Windows 10 share problems (and fix)
I've been having some problems getting my CIFS share to mount after a bunch of recent Windows 10 updates.  I don't know specifically which one broke it as I ran several updates consecutively, but one of them disabled older SMB versions or authentication methods.

Yes, I know I can just re-enable them but I figured out that if you just use the following mount options you can mount a Windows 10 share with the new higher security level (which is probably for the best).


hope this saves someone a bit of time.
Thanks :-)

I see you removed the default sec=ntlm param. Does that cause the mount to fail?

didnt work for me until I REMOVED that option.  I think the default for SMB3 is NTLM2 so maybe that option specifies the wrong version?

This only stopped wprking after the latest update (1803 I think).  Everything was working fine then suddenly I started getting mount failures with error 22.  I could mount manually from CLI so I figured it was something in Moode and narrowed it to the default mount options.

Also, I was running 4.0 and "check for update" kept telling me I was running the latest version.  I only ended up updating because my mount atopped working and I checked the web site for updates.  Have you considered adding an RSS feed with Moode announcents to the app?

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