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Soekris 1321 DAC via USB
I am interested in using this DAC with an RPi 4B connected by usb. Has anyone tried this? What is the audio setup option that would work if it has been successfully connected? I would prefer not to purchase without being fairly sure it will function. Generally speaking it should work, but there are issues with device recognition and such that can get in the way.


@Skip Pack

Hi, Skip.

Sorry, no experience with this little beauty. It's out of my league price-wise.

I did take a look at their specs:

USB Input Type B, Isolated, Full/High Speed
USB Input Mode Selectable Audio Class 1.0 or Audio Class 2.0
SPDIF / Toslink Inputs Up to 24 bit / 192 Khz
USB Input PCM Up to 24 Bit / 384 Ksps
USB Input DSD Up to DoP-128 and DSD-256
Digital volume control -80 dB to +10 dB

Looks to me like it should be completely compatible with moOde.

It's unclear to me whether that "Digital volume control" refers only to the front-panel control or also to control over the USB interface.

I believe "soekris" hangs out on forums. You could ask your question there.

Thanks Kent,

I think I'll give it a go and make sure it works during the return period. It is a stretch for me, but it represents an approach that I wan't to explore.


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