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Power options for RPi + Allo BOSS v1.2
Good Morning,

I've got an RPi 3B+ sitting in front of me, and an Allo BOSS v1.2 arriving tomorrow. I'm trying to determine the prefered way to power the setup, based on the equipment I already own (I may buy a linear power supply in the future, but I don't have one right now):

     Anker PowerCore 10000

     5V 2.4A Switching Power Supply (wall-wart)

My options seem to be the following:
     1) Power both from the wall-wart, via the RPi's micro-USB power input.
     2) Power both from the wall-wart, via the DAC's USB-C power input (and a micro-usb-to-usb-c adapter).
     3) Power both from the Anker, via the RPi's micro-USB power input.
     4) Power both from the Anker, via the DAC's USB-C power input.
     5) Power the two separately (with the appropriate jumper removed from the DAC): the RPi via the wall-wart, the DAC via the Anker.

It feels to me as though options 3, 4, and 5 are clearly better, but I'd love some opinions as to which is the best.

Also, if I do choose to power the two separately, it wasn't clear to me what the appropriate power-up and power-down order would be. Ideally it would be essentially simultaneously, but if I'm using a battery for the DAC, there's going to be at least a small delay in time. Am I going to do any damage to the equipment if I power the DAC up first, or vice-versa?

Hi William,

I run my Piano 2.1 config with 2 x 5V feeds from an Anker battery similar to #5. The power sequence I use is below.

Powering down

Perform Menu, Restart, Shutdown and wait for the green activityr LED on the Pi to blink 10 times indicating the shutdown sequence is complete and power can safely be disconnected.

1. Disconnect power from the Pi
2. Disconnect power from the DAC

Powering up

1. Connect power to the DAC
2. Connect power to the Pi
Thanks, Tim. Do you take both feeds from the same battery? If so, do you think this still provides a noise suppression advantage over just providing power to one of the boards?
Yes, both feeds from same battery. Based on what I've read, start with good quality, stable low noise power and then if the DAC board is engineered and optimized to be powered separately from the Pi then do that.

Below is link to the battery that I use. It can be plugged into mains and continuously maintain a 100% charge while providing battery power. Its very convenient :-) I will say though that I don't have any means to measure the actual quality of the 5V outputs so Im just guessing that battery power will be a notch better than the typical switch-mode power supply for the Pi.

I don't know if its still available.


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