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Moode dlna server and dsd support
Hi Tim and others,

For playback with bubbleupnp and other reasons in newly acquired NuPrime Omnia S1, I have created moode server in my allo's usb bridge with moode OS to show up in the library for bubbleupnp but realised all dsd files are not visible Sad

Have I done something wrong or missed some setting or moode dlna server indeed does not support dsd files ? 

If indeed the case now, any news/known consideration for this to be fixed ? I say a fix because so many in this streaming community need dsd support moode dlna server and how difficult is this when the renderer like my Omnia S1 handles the dsd processes


What version of moOde are you using?

You're not doing anything wrong. The bad news is that the version of minidlnad used in moOde doesn't recognize .dsf files. It's the last officially released version of the source code.

The good news is that patches for DSD media were later committed to the source code repo and I've just confirmed in testing on a moOde player that the patched source code builds and runs in moOde 6.5.1. 

In my tests, I can use this modified moOde player as my Media Server and use Control Point apps on my iPad (Linn Kinsky) and on my Android Pixel 3A phone (BubbleDS, BubbleUPnP, Linn Kazoo) to show and select .dsf files and with the Control Point render (e.g., play) the tracks on a second moOde player whose UPnP client is enabled. Curiously, Linn Kazoo on my iPad does not function properly.

I'm sending my findings and build notes to Tim.

Interesting result. Is it that Linn Kazoo doesn't play DSF files or is it that Kazoo doesn't work at all with this version of miniDLNA?
I have no UPnP/DLNA media server that isn't based on minidlna and no other UPnP Media Renderers which are not based on upmpdcli. 

All I can say is that Linn Kazoo on the iPad does not work with my build while Linn Kazoo on the Android phone does. Where by "work" I mean "finds .dsf tracks on the Media Server and commands the Media Renderer to play them." The iPad version goes through the motion and present the right popups but then nothing.

I just discovered there's also a much newer Linn app in the Apple Store called simply "Linn" but it is so focused on integration into a total Linn system that after installing it I found it unusable in my circumstance.

From what I understand from InterWeb™ sightings, Linn Kinsky came first but was reworked and relaunched in 2014 with the new name Kazoo. Strange then that Kinsky is working for me but Kazoo isn't.

Candidly, on my iPad I prefer to use only the apps from the music streaming services I subscribe to, with my moOde players as AirPlay or Spotify renderers. I'm perfectly happy using the moOdeUI to access music on my NAS, USB drives, radio stations. I'm just using whatever Control Points I can find as test artifacts. If they don't work, I report it and move on.

And that's the news from Lake Wobegon, er, Maryland.

Ok, gotcha. If its only that corner case then post the build recipe and I'll include the new miniDLNA w/DSF support in next Moode update :-)

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