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I wanted to provide some feedback about my experience with moOde on a Raspberry PI.

·        Raspberry PI 3B+
·        7” Touchscreen (powered via y-connector instead of GPIO pins)
·        SmartiPi Touch 2Case (not using the fan)
·        WD Green 120GB SSD
·        CanaKit Raspberry PI 4 3.5A power supply (with USB C to Micro USB Adapter)
This totaled about $170. The touchscreen isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is sometimes useful and always entertaining. I added the SSD (about $30 new) to avoid known issues of the Raspberry PI trashing the SD card.
The PI steams flawlessly on 5 GHz.
·        moOde 6.4.2
·        Mconnect Control Android app (for Qobuz)
·        Qobuz
·        Internet Radio
Associated equipment:
·        Parasound P6 Preamp/DAC
·        Parasound A23 power amplifier
·        Sony ES SS-M7 speakers (“Sony doesn’t make good speakers.” Please Google before you chortle in derision.)
The moOde software works well, is stable and intuitive. I really appreciate the ease of set-up; one example is being able to expand the file system with one click instead of doing it manually on the command line.
I initially had some questions about setting up the moOde software, and received timely and helpful responses (thanks TheOldPresbyope, DRONE7, and especially Tim!)
This is an amazing combination, especially with Qobuz 24-bit > 44.1 kHz! I’ve been listening to less vinyl since setting this up. The sound on a good recording is clean and three dimensional, and makes the speakers disappear. Absolutely the best bang for the buck of anything I’ve ever encountered in audio.
Thanks Tim, for making this available!

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