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6.5.1 - back to 6.4.2 covers big problem
After installing 6.5.1, I have a problem with covers. The album by artist is of worse quality than in 6.4.2. The resolution is worse. In the settings there is no edit option in Album and Tag Views. Loads encoded covers from mp3 files, not my covers from the album.cover file. Everything in the library looks ugly.
From the main the Appearance tab set the 'Hi-res thumbnails' to 400px and the Cover search priority to 'Cover file'  then do a library update and refresh from the main menu.... Does this fix it ?

I had the same problem during testing but this fixed it in the final release.
Otherwise post back and I can offer some other options.

No covers found. Regenerate album cover not working, view status is empty;-)

ok...its scan when i disable upnp, strange
Post the contents of Moode log.

moodeutl -l

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