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Instruction Guide Solution for accessing Qobuz via UPnP
ok, I'm just to tying to help with this - if you subscribe to Qobuz have you tried the possibility of accessing it via BubbleUPnP Server?  I've no idea if this will work as I don't subscribe to Qobuz, but once you've got BubbleUPnP Server running I suggest you head to the tab entitled 'media renderers', where Moode UPNP should be listed, select this and then click on the box 'Create an OpenHome renderer' and enter something other than 'Moode UPNP' in 'room'.  Having done that see if you can connect to Qobuz when that newly created 'room' is selected.  If stilll no joy with Kazoo you could also try this with mConnect, BubbleUPNP (if you have an android device), or the Lumin app (if you have an iphone/ipad).
I confirm that the solution proposed using BubbleUPnP server does work.
For an example see my config:[Image: BubbleUPnPServerMoodeRoom.jpg]

The "room" get accessible in Kazoo (or Lumin App or another UPnP controller app) and, after providing your Qobuz credentials. you can start browsing and send Qobuz tracks and albums to Moode music reproduction queue.
[Image: QobuzInKazoo.jpg]
I agree, this works. The problem is that the radio function is no longer visible in this "room" which is provided by the Moode. So, it appears that the Openhome (a superset of UPnP) does support Qobuz/Tidal directly since this is what BubbleUPnP Server provides. If this could be somehow integrated into Moode, then we would have the best of both worlds. I appreciate this is easier said than done, and likewise, I appreciate the enormous effort Tim and others have put into Moode to date which I sincerely appreciate.

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