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Moode is the best!
Specially bought a Raspberry pi 3b+ and an external usb DAC to listen to music. Because I found several music operating systems for Raspberry on the Internet. Tried everything. And Runeaudio, and Volumio, and Album Player, etc. And only Moode 6.5.2 helped to realize all the wishes. This is the only program that works properly with my d-Link NAS.  Moode has a fairly intuitive interface, you can easily manage it from your smartphone via the web interface or M. A. L. P player. 
There are no complaints about the sound quality. In version 6.4, sometimes there was a crackle, apparently due to power supply leads. At 6.5.2, no crackling is heard. DSD64 - DSD128 files converted on the fly to PCM sound great (my DAC doesn't support DSD).
Moode is the best music system for the Raspberry pi!

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