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Problem: Moode OS on PI-CM3
I am working on a custom hardware based on Rpi-CM3 module. I successfully built a moode OS but the UI does not responsive and turns white. The moode log said

20180625 101020 worker: - Start
20180625 101020 worker: Successfully daemonized
20180625 101020 worker: - Init
20180625 101020 worker: Session loaded
20180625 101020 worker: Debug logging (off)
20180625 101022 worker: Unsupported hardware platform (Pi-CM3 1GB v1.0)
20180625 101022 worker: exited
20180625 110022 command/moode: Connection to MPD failed
20180625 110024 command/moode: Connection to MPD failed

I also tested with Volumio and everything works fine. What do I need to add to make it works?

Thank you

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