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does GPIO button handler work on 6.5.2
hi i am trying to get grio button to work but just get nothing to work on 6.52

i have tried
wire connected to 3.3 
wire connected gpio 10 

I have tried

mpc ,next
mpc next

also tried ground to gpio 10  

but nothing  does anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong 

thanks  Huh
You can try to run it from command line and see if it prints out errors. You can also add your own debugging to the script if you know some Python.

First turn it off in System Config then run the cmd below.
sudo /var/www/command/

Then press the button
thank you tim for fast reply
i got the following buttons to work 

toggle using "mpc, toggle"
next            "mpc, next"
prev            "mpc prev"
turn off        "sudo, poweroff"

but where do i put the comma in:
but cant Figure out the volume up and down 

/var/www/ up 10
/var/www/ dn 10

thank you
answered here..:-)
Thank You so Much got it to work

Toggle----------------------------mpc, toggle
next song------------------------mpc, next
previous song-------------------mpc prev
Turn off--------------------------sudo, poweroff
volume up-----------------------/var/www/,up,5
Volume Down------------------/var/www/,dn,5

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