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How to show (extern) covers of single songs
we are using Moode Audio 5.3.1 on a Raspberry Pi.

We have a list of single songs in one single folder. Like :

|- Artist A - Song 1.mp3
|- Artist B - Song 2.aac 
|- etc.

Now, whenever I click on a single song, I want to see the (extern, not embedded) image/cover that belongs to the song.

Therefore I added all the images with the same name to the list:

Artist A - Song 1.mp3
Artist A - Song 1.jpg
Artist B - Song 2.aac 
Artist B - Song 2.jpg

But this wont work right (I can only see the very first image for all songs)?

I know covers work for albums (just adding a cover.jpg to a album folder would display it for all audio files within).

But how does it work for many single songs in one folder (each audio file should have its own cover/image)?

For the thumbnail images in Library Tag and Album views the thumbnail generator uses the first cover image file it finds in the album directory or the embedded image from the last song in the album dir. There is an option "Cover search priority" in the Appearance dialog to tell the thumbnail generator whether to search for embedded images or image files first.

When an album is clicked in Tag or Album view the full sized cover is either the first cover image found in the album dir or the embedded image from the first song in the album. This also obeys the Cover search priority option.

This scheme works perfectly since there is generally one and only one cover for a given album and all the tracks would have the same cover image embedded. There are exceptions but they are not common for example The Slip by Nine Inch Nails. In this album each track has a different cover embedded.

If you want each file to display its own image on the Playback panel you will need to embed the image. You will still run into an issue in Library Tag/Album view due to first/last track images and cover search priority.

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