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Idea: More CPU governor modes?

Wonder if it would be practical to add at least one another CPU governor mode, like in between Performance and On-demand?
If Im not wrong Performance makes the cpu go at 100% all the time even when not playing music and On-demand goes minimum cpu-speed which some have reported can cause problems like stutter glitches in some situations. Maybe only in older moOde distros though.

Anyway I feel there could be more cpu performance and powerusage settings.

The CPU scaling governor controls the frequency at which the CPU runs not the % CPU utilization. Below is from some of the Linux kernel documentation.

Scaling governors
Governors (see table below) are power schemes for the CPU. Only one may be active at a time. For details, see the kernel documentation in the kernel source.

- performance    Run the CPU at the maximum frequency.
- powersave    Run the CPU at the minimum frequency.
- userspace    Run the CPU at user specified frequencies.
- ondemand    Scales the frequency dynamically according to current load. Jumps to the highest frequency and then possibly back off as the idle time increases.
- conservative    Scales the frequency dynamically according to current load. Scales the frequency more gradually than ondemand.
- schedutil    Scheduler-driven CPU frequency selection [2], [3].

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