Thank you for your donation!

moodeAudio the best distro for mpd!
Hi Tim,

I sent to you $25 donation cause your hard work on this distro deserves it, didn't receive any feedback from you so it's maybe not enough money but trust me if everyone donate $25 I think this could really help...

Anyway, I tested almost all MPD distro available on the net and moodeaudio is the best to make in less than 10mn a good audio server using MPD.

The config UI is really helpful even if you need to do some simple ssh tweak to complete the installation (remote control key/cmds).

The local UI  (library browser) is too much desktop 'centric' and not suitable for android phone/tablet

fortunately I modded and recompiled MALP with my own behaviors and the combo MoodeAudio+MALP is now amazing!

Successfully updated the moodeaudio 6.52 to kernel 4.19.118 but I hope to see a way to update or downgrade easily MPD version directly available on config UI or a script via SSH.

thanks again for this great distro!
I have a small payment set up monthy, I have never received a personal note either, nor did I expect one, there is an automated note of thanks though.
To turn it on it's head, there are probably 1000's of people who download MoOde & don't give a 2nd thought to the effort that goes into it, I fell into that catagory for a while.
I use MoOde every day for several hours & so for selfish reasons want to see the project continue for many years to come, so for that reason, from me, I would like to say thank you for your help in funding it.
... no longer use moodeaudio I use my own distro done from scratch more adapted to my needs (but still good for beginners).

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