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Problem: Please use a larger size for the root partition of the ISO
After my moodeaudio machine was unbooted for a while, I've booted it and ssh'ed into it. I then ran `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade` and my 4GB root partition got full because it's been a half a year since that computer booted last. This resulted in a state where I was being instructed to run:

apt --fix-broken install

But that didn't work as well because the drive was full.

Not knowing what to do, I rebooted and I think my system doesn't boot at all now. If the root partition was larger then 4GB this wouldn't have happened. I have a 64GB SD card which most of it wasn't used unfortunately. Is this 4GB partition size hard coded into the ISO downloaded from ?

I'm redownloading the ISO at the moment and I'm going to explore how to increase the size of that partition, to fit to my SD card.

Stock moOde image does not have this problem and user modified images are not supported.
Wait, this should have been a nonissue.

The ability to resize the root partition to fill the remainder of the uSD card is right there on the System Config screen at the bottom of the list of options in the System Modifications section.

A moOde player which hasn't been booted in half a year is also a moOde player which is still r6.4.x or even earlier. probably should have been flashed with the new image anyway.

OK I had missed that option in the system config. Thanks!

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