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Using one hard drive between 2 Pi's
Afternoon All

I am thinking of building another Raspberry Pi Moode player for the bedroom.  The one I currently use is a Pi 3B+ with an IQAudio DAC hat and a 500gb hard drive with all my music stored on it and is connected to my main HI Fi.

I was wondering if I was to build another Pi would I able to connect to the other pi's hard drive and stream from that?

I was thinking of using a Pi Zero with a cheap DAC hat to connect to my 2.1 computer speaker system that I currently use with my TV.

I could use Plex through my Roku but it doesn't support gapless playback (and never will I believe as the dev's can't be bothered) and it was because of this I moved over to the Moode Pi based system.

I don't really want to go down the NAS route if preferred.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Every moOde player is a NAS server, publishing its own music sources as SMB shares.

If you start up a second player, go to the Music Source screen [1] and click on "Scan" in the server section, you'll see the shares of the first one and be able to connect to them.


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[1] m>Library>Create Music Source>Music Source
I'd suggest avoiding the under powered single-core Zero's and instead get a multi-core 3A+ which also provides 5Ghz WiFi.
Thank you both for your replies.


That is excellent news regarding the shares.  That will make life a lot easier.

Tim Curtis:

I will take your advice and get a Pi 3A+ instead.

Might go for a justboom this time.  It's only for the bedroom.

Kind Regards


PS Congrats on MoOde as well.  Loving using it!

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