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How to raise Bluetooth volume when streaming to Moode
Streaming audio via Bluetooth to Moode, wondering how the volume can be raised.

The downstream volume control on the Amp is set to a value which serves radio stations and local music fine. However, incoming Bluetooth audio is on quite low volume. The streaming source is an Android device. Here the Bluetooth media volume is set to maximum already.

As long as a Bluetooth input device is paired no access to Moode's volume is possible. And I assume Bluetooth volume is even independent from it. Is there a config parameter for Bluetooth volume on config file basis available?

Android phone --> Pi 4 (Usb Dac, Moode 6.5.2) --> Amp with Volume control
Right, Bluetooth volume is separate from MPD volume and it's controlled entirely from the client app. All moOde does when a BT connection is established is set ALSA volume to 100% (0dB).

Maybe there are 2 volumes on your client, the player app volume and the client master volume ??
Unfortunately not. There is only an equalizer available, making things even worse.
But thank you for the confirmation that ALSA volume is set automatically during Bluetooth active.

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