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Quick Questions Before I Start

  1. If there is an internet outage will the music automatically start playing if I am getting the music from the web radio?
  2. Is there a way to play a certain audio clip between every 3 random songs?
  3. Can I access MoOde from outside the LAN network?
I am trying to install this in a business where I can play web radio and every few songs it will play an audio clip saying something. Also, I want the option to add certain audio files remotely to play those every few songs. Thanks for your help!
1. No, but its doable with a script who check regulary if music is playing, something like that
2. No, but same, you can write a background script who do that
3. You can have access with teamviewer or SSH from outside (by configuring your router), probably with VNC too but never tried with this one.

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