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Problem: Installation of the Moode Player
(07-13-2020, 04:34 PM)Desmond88 Wrote: Hi there ,
My bad. Just discovered that the slow response was due to my low speed micro sd card, v10. Min requirement of the sd card must be v30, u3. Once I changed it, it worked flawlessly.
One more issue that I encountered now is I cannot add my nas to the library. I have tried to create it several times via SMB or nfs but it keep on saying that share cannot be blank.
May I know how to resolve it?

Plain old class 10 SanDisk "Ultra" uSD cards have been very reliable for me. These days I buy "UltraPlus" because they're available cheaply.

V30 sounds like total overkill.

As for your NAS, we can't read your mind. You have to tell us the details concerning the hostname, the names of the SMB shares or NFS mounts, etc.

Yesterday, i messed around with the NAS and moode player and finally managed add the NAS in moode player via SMB but NFS.

I will considered it solved but will open another thread for USB issue.

Thank you so much particularly Drone7.
(07-16-2020, 05:53 AM)Desmond88 Wrote: ............. snip .....................

I will considered it solved but will open another thread for USB issue.

............. snip ..........................

The thread is still showing as a [PROBLEM]...
Hi Desmond88..

As mYnAMEiSMichael has pointed out your post shows as problem and not solved.

As a newcomer to Moode you are probably not conversant with the forum web page options.. Smile

If you go to your first post in the thread and select Edit...then Full Edit... you can change the original Prefix from Problem to Solved

I am a professional finder with the memory of an elephant.... a curse but a useful curse :-)
(07-07-2020, 05:05 AM)Desmond88 Wrote: Hi there,

I'm a beginner in setting up moode player in my hardware, Pi 4 8gb. 

Please pardon my ignore.

May I know with the latest software of moode 6.5.2., do i still need to install Raspbian Stretch Lite prior to booting moode software?

If yes, is the Raspberry Pi OS (32 bits) release on 2020.05.27  under similar to Raspbian Stretch Lite?

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Hi Desmond,

For your pi4 you can download an O/S (buster) image complete with the MoOde audio software.
To get this done, you will need to download the MoOde image at and ..
You will need two applications:
- An SD card formatter program:
- A disk imager program to copy the image from your PC to the SD card :

After formatting the SD card and copying the image to your SD card, you can put the SD card in your Raspberry
and boot the Raspberry from the SD card.

After booting the Raspberry it should be accessible from a device with a browser at http://moode

Let me know if you need additional help.
Regards, Cor van Zundert.
(07-10-2020, 01:01 AM)Desmond88 Wrote: Hi there,

I hit problems for installing Moode OS.

I followed the instruction, flashing the software into a sdcard and then inserted into my Pi4 (8gb RAM).

After i switched on the Pi, it run some scripts for a about 5 seconds and after that the screen turned blank. i waited for 5 hours, the screen was still blank.

I tried again but same thing happened.

I then tried the duo SD and USBsd indirect method with downloading the raspberry stretch lit. After inserted the USDsd, pi started build step 2 n 3 and thereafter the screen turned blank too. I waited for 5 hours but nothing happening.

When i rebooted it, it happened like method 1, running some scripts for 5 second and turned blank.

Can somebody help?


Hi Desmond,

It looks like you ran into a compatibility problem as the Rpi4 is not compatible with Debian Stretch.
The latest version (now 6.7.1) Runs Debian Buster and works on my Rpi4.

Cor van Zundert

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