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Problem: Shuffle Play on new System
(07-10-2020, 10:51 PM)baloony2000 Wrote:
(07-10-2020, 11:04 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Ashuffle stores its randomized list of song paths in RAM and is prolly exceeding the resource limits on old 1B.

that means, the 1B is not suitable for this... ?

I've had this same issue on a RPI3 for quite a while. The last release that worked was 6.3. Every time I've tried to upgrade beyond 6.3 the auto-shuffle has been broken. Just tried it again with version 6.7.1. It doesn't auto-shuffle on startup or from manually clicking the shuffle button. If I run ashuffle from command line it responds with "Picking random songs out of a pool of 3090. Response line too large." My library has around 18,000 files so it is not even reporting the correct number in the pool. Would be nice to know how much RAM ashuffle needs. If this could be solved with a RPI4 with 4 or 8GB of RAM I'd make the upgrade, but for all I know ashuffle would have the same problem even with 8GB of RAM to work with on a 18,000+ library. 

Rolling my install back to 6.3 for now since I'd like it to at least function.
i am using a RPi 4 with 2GB RAM. My Library has about 17k files on USB HDD. I am using auto-shuffle every day. Most of the time it works without any problems.

moOde release = 6.7.1 2020-07-22
RaspiOS = 10.4
Platform   = Pi-4B 2GB v1.2

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