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Solved: Things we love about 6.6.0
Keyboard navigation in the Album view !!

Page up/down, Home, End, and arrow up/down all working.   Smile

8x4 columns !

HD search.
And the sound !
which is clearly better with my Rapsberry Pi3B and (tweaked) Allo Boss V1.2
musical regards

Yes !!.. my good home-brew DAC went belly up last night (tomorrow I will troubleshoot but seems to be a power supply fail..fingers crossed )
and I have been listening this afternoon using the backup Dac in my Audiant 80i...

Thinking..."this sounds as good if not better."..:-)

Using the MPD version 0.22~git (Test)

k.d. lang /- Hymns of the 49th Parallel/Helpless... she sounds 10 years younger than I have ever heard before ??   How  :-)

I am in tears as to how this album now moves me... Tim, you have worked Magic !


A Morepork (little owl) has taken up residence in a tree just outside our door and is trying to sing along too !..
The sample rate badges in album view is a great addition
(07-11-2020, 08:07 AM)vinnn Wrote: The sample rate badges in album view is a great addition

I'll second that.

Funny, when Tim announced this feature in his list of coming attractions, I thought it would be something I'd test once and then forget about. (I'm not big on eye candy.)

Instead, it has proved very useful. I have a mishmash of works including multiple versions of a number of tracks with different encodings and/or containers and different sample rates. Now I can tell the versions apart in the Library Tag and Album views without having to annotate their metadata in some idiosyncratic way.


Navigation is noticeably better too. Version 6.6 is a memorable remark for moode! It's truly fantastic! Congrats on this Tim!

Sheer dedication and enthusiasm of all the development team

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