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White background - Text hardly readable
(09-21-2018, 01:17 AM)Тим Кертис Wrote: You posted earlier that PHP was not running on your build. This indicates something external to moOde software is causing breakage.

Please post a set of steps that the dev team can use to reproduce the issue otherwise I don't see the point to this thread.

My actions from the beginning: 
1. Build moode 4.2 
2. Initial setup: network setup, audio output.
 3. I go to customize:
 3.1 choosing a topic Putty, apply, wait for the update
 3.2 choose accent color-blue, update, update, clean cache, all is well 
3.3 choose accent color-alizarin, update, white background and nothing is visible on the radio sheets, library, playlists. The display has not changed in the configuration.

I repeated these actions 3 times, and each time I changed the accent color, the background color became white. I 2 times been collected a new moode.
 From this situation I see 2 options: 
1. Try a working image to exclude a broken Assembly
 2. Do not change accent color and enjoy the moode.)))

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