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Creating a Moode desktop icon on your Linux desktop

I've recently had the need to use my touchscreen laptop as a control surface for Moode instead of my usual tablet. I could do with a Moode icon like I have on the tablet I thought so I created one. In case anyone else needs help doing this here's how to do it.
My PCs/laptops run the Gnome desktop on Fedora Workstation but this should work for other desktop environments and will be the same whatever distro you're on once you have the Chromium web browser installed.

The examples below assume the Moode instance is resolvable on your network as moode.local, if you've changed the hostname in Moode's settings amend accordingly or if DNS is sketchy on your network and you've reserved the Pi's IP address on your router you could amend to the Pi's IP address.

Install the Chromium web browser on your desktop
On Fedora and the most recent Red Hat derivatives use the software GUI of choice or use dnf in a terminal;
sudo dnf install chromium

On Ubuntu, Debian and other derivatives use the software GUI of choice or use apt in a terminal;
sudo apt install chromium-browser

Get the Moode logo
Open a terminal and save a copy of Moode's default logo to your home directory using curl;
curl -o ~/moode.svg http://moode.local/images/default-cover-v6.svg

Create the shortcut
Create a text file called moode.desktop in your home directory using your preferred text editor, insert the following and save the file;
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Moode Audio
Comment=Moode Audio
Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser --start-fullscreen http://moode.local

Create a symlink to your desktop file so Gnome (or DE of choice) can pick up the shortcut.
ln -s ~/moode.desktop .local/share/applications/moode.desktop
(of course you could've created the desktop file in .local/share/applications but for many it will be easier to find/change/delete in the future if it's in their home directory)

You should now have a Moode Audio desktop icon which runs Moode in fullscreen.

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