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Solved: Ethernet port fix activated followed by network lost
I hesitate to post on 6.7 or 6.7.1 bug threat, I dont know if it is a bug, but here it is.
Fresh install of 6.7.1, I experience distortions like there is a delay or a slow down.
The setup includes sox 32/384, khadas on usb, NAS storage for music. Usb ssd boot.
It happens also in 6.7, after update, no fresh install.

It may be possible for another reason, but I was thinking it may be because of USB lan. 
So when I activated network fix I lost network. No ping, no ssh, no ip access. Similar in 6.7.
How can I fix it, as I disable wifi?
What "network fix" are you referring to?
What model Pi?
Thanks Tim for fast response.
It is an Rpi 3B+ and I activated in system config ethernet port fix.

LE: Fresh install 6.7.1 on microsd, only this activation, same situation.
I am able to repro the issue.

The command below is what's behind the "Ethernet port setting" on System Config. This setting will only appear for the Pi-3B+

ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full

When I run it from the command line it appears to kill the Ethernet connection instead of simply setting the speed and duplex. It must be some sort of bug.

What this means is if the "Ethernet port setting" is ON then the above command will be run during moOde startup and thus cause Ethernet connection to die and no way to connect to turn the setting OFF.

You would need to start with a fresh image and leave the setting OFF.
Thanks Tim, I did started from fresh image on mSD.
I still have to solve why if I boot from usb ssd I have issues in sound.
Maybe try booting from SDCard and see if audio issue occurs.
(07-23-2020, 09:59 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Maybe try booting from SDCard and see if audio issue occurs.

I did last night, no problem this way.
When I first use usb sdd boot, no problem either. In time, it appear and a reboot solve the issue.
Since last week a reboot does not help anymore. This is why I try ethernet fix.

It seams usb boot is not so good, I remember that several times the usb flash become un-bootable.
I wouldn't recommend USB boot. The most reliable IME is top quality SD Card or an SD/eMMC card.

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