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Convince me?
Hi all,

Been using moOde for abt 3+ years now, still at v4.0 - never updated. :O

Ok, now that I have given y'all a couple secs to get around the initial shock: Reasons were always "'cause I'm workin' on some customizations...".
Problem: It never stopped! First, I had a 20*4 LCD display showing me custom MPD metadata info from the /var/local/www/currentsong.txt file. Then added TTS support. Then came the IR remote functions (with LIRC) - apart from the (obvious) playback functions, I've added my own custom web station presets, to be cycled through when I click my remote's number buttons - This year I decided to get rid of the LCD and replaced it with a 5" touchscreen; started fiddling with the js/php to get the UI look and feel the way I wanted. Still messing with it... I'm used to work as a web developer and just cannot get enough out of moOde's UI (don't try to understand it, don't criticize me either - web developers will understand!!) - Ah, I replaced the default screen blanking scheme (xset) with xscreensaver (switchable via the same UI menu that used to be there for the screen blanking)! Cool eh? Wink

Anyway, I digress; I see many iterations come, and as I do more custom work, I've set myself farther and farther apart from actually upgrading my distro.

I just cannot see it happening: do I suffer from some syndrome or is the newest v6 so damn cool that I am missing out on greatness?

I guess what I mean to say here is that I need some external encouragement to get it going on my little 'ol DAC. Should I definitely, absolutely give the new guy a go or take it with a pinch of salt? (TC you are forbidden to issue your opinions!! - LOL, j/k of course).

Ok guys, feel free to comment. Or, go back to whatever you were doin'. Wink
(P.S.: BTW, is touchscreen support for the jQuery Knob fixed in the mobile/local UI in the new version? Or is it still disabled?)
I don't get it. Why don't you flash a copy of moOde 6.7.1 to a new uSD card and try it yourself. I see no reason for anyone else to carry on an argument about this (ref. Monty Python's Flying Circus "The Argument Clinic").

This thread made my face hurt.
Do as Kent recommends and give feedback with your pros, cons, yea/nay etc.. Shy
Very funny.
This is a very unusual thread, the op seems handy at customising to suit their needs, I can't decide whether it didn't occur to them to burn a new SD card or whether they genuinely wanted us to persuade them on the merits of upgrading.

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