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Convince me?
(08-14-2020, 02:20 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: I think its the 5 minute argument

Funny indeed. Nice to see John Cleese in his bright early days. Still a bright mind nowadays.

Quote:What you allow is what will continue.

oh, look. We've reached page two already.

Quote:What you allow is what will continue.

Not sure what a quote from a Tibetan Singing Bowl Healer  brings to the conversation ???

(amarahoneck/wmoecke is that you ?...)
(08-23-2020, 03:26 AM)wmoecke Wrote:
(08-02-2020, 10:02 PM)grasshopper Wrote: This is a very unusual thread, the op seems handy at customising to suit their needs, I can't decide whether it didn't occur to them to burn a new SD card or whether they genuinely wanted us to persuade them on the merits of upgrading.

How 'bout this: I am poor and cannot afford another SD card.  Cry
And thanks for the compliments on being handy - but programmers (like me and TC) are being replaced by AI learning algorithms.

We're all going to die. Thank you for your time.

Seriously, if you can't afford a 16gb card, try going to a phone shop, see if they will give you an old one or let you have one for a couple of £ $ or whatever currency you use.  I wish you better times.

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