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file/directory only library option
(07-29-2020, 02:58 PM)nosferatu_cat Wrote: That's not the problem.  The tag database becomes a serious performance problem when the number of files reaches a certain level. It's a known problem.  In order to support tags you have to have the overhead of indices, etc.  The Raspberry Pi is not good with databases beyond a certain size.   I have enough files to have passed the critical point. 

I suspect it’s more a limitation of the webui than mpd as really large lists aren’t a common enough use case that anybody really optimizes for them when developing a browser. 

There are ways to limit how much of a list you have loaded into memory at any one time which would solve the memory issue but also limits some of the things we can do as the data isn’t in memory (like the quick jump alphabetical indexes or the find as you type search).

For example:

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