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Solved: Low FPS in Chrome, Safari but not Firefox
(07-30-2020, 12:11 PM)hestehandler Wrote: When I run the moode.local UI on a Mac using Safari or Chrome I am getting very low frames-per-second (FPS) when scrolling. On Firefox the rendering is fast. It’s not some extensions or ad-blocking causing this, so any ideas on what is causing this?

NB: While in Firefox I’m noticing some more bugs:
1) The monospaced font is not defined correctly and falls back to the default Courier.
2) Adding an album to the playlist does not add all the tracks! This also happens in the other browsers, but not in an MPD client such as Rigelian. <-- This one is very odd.

You haven't provided any details.

Here's my quick test with an Apple product:

1) moOde 6.7.1 on an RPi3A+ with WiFi connection to distant access point/router (connectivity info isn't relevant in this case but you should always say.)

2) NAS services on an Linux-based OpenMediaVault installation connected via Ethernet to the same access point/router. (also not relevant in this case but you should always say.)

2) iPad 9.7 (iOS 13.5.1) - also WiFi connection

In the Playback view, I have a 50-item queue. I have ca 600 albums with covers in the Library view. For any scrollable element in the moOdeUI interface, I see no perceptible difference in scrollrate using up-to-date Safari, Chrome, or Firefox Focus. They all scroll as fast as I can move my finger.

As for your 'bugs'

#1 sounds like a classic browser kerfuffle over the fonts it knows. Again, details matter.
#2 sounds like a track tagging problem. Should be dealt with as a separate issue backed with details about the misbehaving album tracks and the method you use to "add an album to the playlist".


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