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Solved: Low FPS in Chrome, Safari but not Firefox
That's not really helpful, your issue is describing in-browser rendering issues so the spec of the Pi isn't relevant here.
What's important is what device you're running the web browser on, how big the library being rendered is etc.
Since you mention Rigelian I'm guessing you're using an iphone or ipad?

Scrolling my album list (8400 albums) in tag view in Chromium on my Android phone isn't super smooth, it a bit laggy but it's smooth enough, Firefox for Android on the other hand is super smooth as there's some hardware acceleration going on in Firefox. Scrolling on my Linux desktop PC with an Nvidia GPU is smooth on whatever browser and render time is faster due to the faster CPU. So yeah, details help.

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RE: Low FPS in Chrome, Safari but not Firefox - by vinnn - 07-30-2020, 01:50 PM

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