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DACBerry ONE+ DAC mode
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get the OSA DACBerry ONE+ to convert my optical signal (from an XBOX in this case) to it's RCA analog out. 

However, I think I'm having trouble setting it up. I installed the latest MoOde today on my Raspberry Pi 3B and set the I2S device to the "HifiBerry DAC+" as per OSA's own instructions

Playback from streaming sources on analog output works just fine, but I'm slightly confused on how to select the Optical input. The dropdown menu to do so, only shows the Local (MPD) option. 

So the part that's verified, is that playback on Local works just fine, but getting the optical input leaves me guessing.

Does anyone have any experience with this specific DAC chip and MoOde?


P.S. I also asked OSA electronics and will post back here if they help me solve my issue Smile
OK, so I got in touch with OSA on Instagram where they respond quite quickly! Here's a recap of the conversation when I told him I couldn't select the optical port as input:

Quote:Hello Tiemen. As far as I know not all softwares are capable to do that. They should implement what is called "pipe" in order to send the I2S data input to data output. Plus it's important the software is based in the lastest kernel in order to use the lastest driver compatible with one+

Volumio for example is still using the older kernel

Give a try to the justboom digi profile. Lets see at least if the digital side works well

I have customers using it in their own purposes, using raspbian for example. You should be able to switch between digital input and raspberry pi input.

So in short, I'm going to experiment with the Justboom Digi profile and see if things work out then. Perhaps I'll make an attempt with OSMC because I used to like that for my previous RPi media center or otherwise I'm going to try to set things up on Raspbian myself using the script over at their website.

Will report back!

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