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Moode and Openauto emulator/ Crankshaft
Hi all,

Ok, I know Moode IS NOT for cars, but it seems to work ok(ish) for me in my car as I set the playlists before I set off. However, I do find the amount of info shown on a small 5 inch smartphone screen physically awkward to use. Some users might argue against this, but for me it spoils the using experience of an amazing bit of kit. 

So to get around the small screen issue and give me in my car a better driving experiance, I’d like to build a Crankshaft turnkey unit Using a 7/8 inch touch screen as my car does not have a screen built in.

Crankshaft which is Raspberry pi based runs an Open Auto Emulator  ( similar to Android Auto) and I’d like to know if anyone has any Experience on using either before I waste several days working on it. 

If you have, I’d really appreciate if you could pass on any thoughts or experience you’ve had.Thanks in advance.

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