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Problem: Embedded Cover art
Oops, I meant to add:

Here's what file should report for a FLAC file

pi@moode64:/media/MUSIC/BLUES/Junkyard Saints-Jes Like your Mama Told You! $ file 01*
01.She Put The Whammy On Me, Ray.flac: FLAC audio bitstream data, 16 bit, stereo, 44.1 kHz, 12602016 samples

A proper FLAC file will begin with the four-byte sequence "fLaC" as can be seen by running od -c 

pi@moode64:/media/MUSIC/BLUES/Junkyard Saints-Jes Like your Mama Told You! $ od -c 01*|more
0000000   f   L   a   C  \0  \0  \0   " 020  \0 020  \0  \0  \0 016  \0

Instead, your first file begins with the three-byte sequence "ID3"

kent@T520:~/Downloads/Savage Garden/Affirmation$ od -c 01*|more
0000000   I   D   3 003  \0  \0  \0  \0   !   2   T   I   T   2  \0  \0

Here is the log after a reboot.
The Erasure album (one of the albums not displaying cover art) is now displaying the cover art.
I removed the embedded cover art and replaced it with another jpeg cover art file but that didn't work. I then removed the cover art and placed the new cover art file (renamed to Cover.jpg) in the folder containing the FLAC tracks and the cover art showed in the 'playing view' but not in the library. So I re-embedded the Cover.jpeg into the metadata again (using the tagscanner software again) and removed the jpeg file from the folder containing the FLACs and now the cover art is showing.
If I change metadata (including changing embedded cover art) do I need to CLEAR the Library tag cache, REGENERATE the Music library and REGENERATE the Album cover thumbnail cache?

moodeutl -l

20200806 173049 worker: -- Start

20200806 173049 worker: Successfully daemonized

20200806 173050 worker: Integrity check (passed)

20200806 173050 worker: Session loaded

20200806 173050 worker: Debug logging (off)

20200806 173050 worker: Device raw: (0:b1|1:Headphones|2:HugoTT2|3:empty

20200806 173050 worker: Device i2s: (none)

20200806 173050 worker: Device mpd: (2:HugoTT2)

20200806 173050 worker: Device ses: (2|HugoTT2|PCM|0%)

20200806 173050 worker: ALSA PCM volume set to (0%)

20200806 173050 worker: -- System

20200806 173052 worker: Host (moode)

20200806 173052 worker: moOde (6.7.1 2020-07-22)

20200806 173052 worker: RaspiOS (10.4)

20200806 173052 worker: Kernel (5.4.51-v7+ #1325)

20200806 173052 worker: Platform (Allo USBridge SIG [CM3+ Lite 1GB v1.0])

20200806 173052 worker: ARM arch (armv7l, 32-bit kernel)

20200806 173052 worker: MPD ver (0.21.24)

20200806 173052 worker: CPU gov (ondemand)

20200806 173052 worker: USB boot not available

20200806 173052 worker: File system not expanded yet

20200806 173052 worker: HDMI port off

20200806 173053 worker: File check (OK)

20200806 173053 worker: -- Network

20200806 173053 worker: eth0 exists

20200806 173053 worker: IP addr (

20200806 173053 worker: Netmask (

20200806 173053 worker: Gateway (

20200806 173053 worker: Pri DNS (

20200806 173053 worker: Domain (lan)

20200806 173054 worker: wlan0 does not exist

20200806 173054 worker: -- Audio

20200806 173055 worker: MPD conf updated

20200806 173055 worker: ALSA outputs unmuted

20200806 173055 worker: ALSA card number (2)

20200806 173055 worker: Audio output (HugoTT2)

20200806 173055 worker: Audio formats (S32_LE)

20200806 173056 worker: ALSA mixer name (PCM)

20200806 173056 worker: MPD volume control (hardware)

20200806 173056 worker: Hdwr volume controller exists

20200806 173056 worker: Max ALSA volume (100%)

20200806 173056 worker: Reset renderer active flags

20200806 173056 worker: -- MPD

20200806 173056 worker: MPD started

20200806 173057 worker: MPD accepting connections

20200806 173057 worker: Configure MPD outputs

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 1 ALSA default (on)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 2 ALSA crossfeed (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 3 ALSA parametric eq (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 4 ALSA graphic eq (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 5 ALSA polarity inversion (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 6 ALSA bluetooth (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD output 7 HTTP stream (off)

20200806 173057 worker: MPD crossfade (off)

20200806 173057 worker: -- Feature availability

20200806 173057 worker: Source select (available)

20200806 173057 worker: Source select (source: MPD)

20200806 173057 worker: Source select (output: HugoTT2)

20200806 173057 worker: Bluetooth (available)

20200806 173057 worker: Airplay renderer (available)

20200806 173057 worker: Spotify renderer (available)

20200806 173057 worker: Squeezelite renderer (available)

20200806 173057 worker: UPnP renderer (available)

20200806 173057 worker: DLNA server (available)

20200806 173057 worker: UPnP browser (available)

20200806 173057 worker: Audio scrobbler (available)

20200806 173057 worker: GPIO button handler (available)

20200806 173057 worker: -- Music sources

20200806 173057 worker: USB sources (none attached)

20200806 173058 worker: NAS and UPnP sources (mountall initiated)

20200806 173058 worker: -- Miscellaneous

20200806 173058 worker: USB volume knob (Off)

20200806 173058 worker: Shellinabox SSH started

20200806 173058 worker: USB auto-mounter (udisks-glue)

20200806 173058 worker: LED0 (Off)

20200806 173058 worker: LED1 (sysclass does not exist)

20200806 173058 worker: Saved MPD vol level (0)

20200806 173058 worker: Preamp volume level (0)

20200806 173058 worker: MPD volume level (0) restored

20200806 173058 worker: ALSA PCM volume (0%)

20200806 173058 worker: Auto-play (Off)

20200806 173058 worker: Maintenance interval (3 hrs)

20200806 173058 worker: Screen saver activation (Never)

20200806 173059 worker: Session permissions (OK)

20200806 173059 worker: Watchdog started

20200806 173059 worker: Ready

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Music/Erasure/The Very Best of Erasure (Deluxe Version)/01 - Who Needs Love (Like That).flac

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: Zend media exception: Not a valid FLAC bitstream

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Music/Erasure/The Very Best of Erasure (Deluxe Version)/01 - Who Needs Love (Like That).flac

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: Zend media exception: Not a valid FLAC bitstream
Thanks for clarifying. Maybe it's Tagscanner although I've just used it for tagging the Erasure album and the cover art now shows. How do you tag your FLAC files? I've tried many tagging programs but never had a problem with Tagscanner. I also have dbpoweramp and have tagged with that but again the cover art doesn't show up in Moode Audio Player.
After making changes to your music collection including adding/removing files, changing tags, cover art, etc you would typically just run Menu, Update library and wait until the spinner stops.

If for any reason you want to regenerate the MPD database, cover art cache or Library tag cache from scratch you will need to use those functions on the Library Config screen.
Okay thanks, that'll save some time as I try to resolve this.

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/Music/Erasure/The Very Best of Erasure (Deluxe Version)/01 - Who Needs Love (Like That).flac

20200806 173334 coverart: flac: Zend media exception: Not a valid FLAC bitstream

This is a PHP library routine telling you the same thing I showed with simple Linux command-line utilities. It can't find your embedded coverart because it's looking for a proper FLAC METADATA_BLOCK. 

Some apps just bulldoze their way through a file; some don't. In my view, it's better to have a properly tagged music collection than to depend on having only apps which don't care.

I completely agree. What do you recommend to properly tag my music collection? I have Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOs and android available.
Thank you.

There'd more than one way to skin a cat.

I use Mp3tag quite a bit just because.  Rolleyes   I have it installed in Windows 10 and also in PlayOnLinux (which is a handy frontend for wine) in Linux. There's also a MacOS executable.

The trick with Mp3tag for fixing FLAC files is to use the Tools > Options > Tags menu to enable reading ID3v1, and APE tags, to disable writing neither, and to enable deleting ID3v1, ID3v2, and APE tags. 

Then read in an offending track, use File > Remove tag (ctrl-R) followed by Edit > Undo remove tag (ctrl-Z) (alternatively, the second command could be File > Save tag (ctrl-S)). 

Why does this work? Because VORBIS Comment is the only legal tag for FLAC files, so these two actions remove any illegal tag and then (re)write the legal tag.

For tagging new FLAC files, it's sufficient to use the Tools > Options > Tags menu before tagging.

I have to give TagScanner a spin to see how it compares to Mp3tag. I've tried MusicBrainz Picard in the past. It's a cross-platform tagger written in Python. I've also used dBPowerAmp (commercial) and Exact Audio Copy in the past to rip CDs and sometimes their tag editors too. (These days abcde is my go-to ripper but not for auto-tagging.) There's lots of other interactive editing programs out there.

There are programmatic ways to do this, for example using the wonderful Python suite mutagen, but I get nervous turning a batch processor loose on my files. I rue the day I incautiously tried beets, also written in Python, on a collection. 

The do-it-all commercial program bliss is supposed to be very good at auditing and fixing up collections but I haven't tried it.

Thanks for your help. The tagging is the issue. I downloaded mp3tag loaded an album of incorrectly tagged files (id3 not flac) into mp3tag, selected them all and 'Tag Cut' them, then 'Tag Paste' them which copies the tags back but corrects them to flac instead of id3. Update library in Moode Audio then REGENERATE Album cover thumbnail cache and cover art now displaying in library and playing view.
Just need to fix the dsf tags now.
Thanks again for your help it was invaluable.

Tagscanner is a simple but powerful tag editor (I used to use mp3tag) that I will continue to use (and hopefully find a way of correctly tagging FLACs). I'll just have to apply the fix in mp3tag.

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