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Solved: No album art
I just upgraded from 5.0 to the latest version, I keep my audio files on the SD card sync'd via NFS and some custom scripting I've done in the past.

I understand this is not a supported use case officially, but it works fine for my needs as far as getting the files loaded and playing.

However, with this 6.x series the album art is not loading.  All my audio files do have album art embedded in ID3 tags, so it's not a file problem.

MPD lists the albums/songs/artists so it's not a problem of MPD seeing the files.

When I go to library settings and refresh album art cache, mpd.log says

20200810 231449 thmcache: Scanning: NAS, SDCARD, UPNP

I have my own files loaded under /var/lib/mpd/music/LocalStorage so I'm guessing there's a config somewhere I can add LocalStorage to the thumbnail cache scanning logic.

Can anyone provide further pointers?
Place files in /mnt/SDCARD
(08-11-2020, 04:27 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Place files in /mnt/SDCARD

that moment you go (doh)...

so obvious, thanks for the quick response.
I moved the files and regenerated the playlist and whatnot... it's only picking up a single album art however... is it scanning only a single file per folder? I have the mp3s all in a single flat directory.
Run mpc stats from the command line. It reports the number of artists, albums, songs that MPD successfully indexed.
I think I found the issue...

If thumbnails are being stored based on hash of the directory name, there's some builtin assumption that the files are organized as directory per album.

Is this intended/as-designed?  If so I can update my sync script to just output a directory per album.
Yes, The thumbnail generator assumes Artist/Album directory structure.
So now the thumbnail generation seems to work but I'm still not getting album art in the playback screen, it keeps showing the default coverart
I had to restart mpd to get the coverart working in the player, thank you!!
so, after some more fiddling I realized this is a bug in moode... unless playlists with extinf attributes are explicitly unsupported...

opened an issue ( and PR (

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