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how to play my music on the phone
I have physical backups of everything on my NAS but I also keep a copy of everything on Google Drive, I use a DAP when out with a 512gb card meaning I have pretty much everything I routinely listen to, if I go away & on the rare occasion I want to listen to something not on the DAP I can grab it from Google Drive if I need to, or just stream it from Tidal etc if it's in their library.

Alternately put all your music in the cloud and use a cloud based music player when you're out.
(08-29-2020, 08:49 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: 1. Download VLC app to your phone
2. Tap the Network icon
3. Under "File Servers" tap MOODE
4. Enter userid = guest
5. Enter password = xyzzy
6. Tap Connect

You should be able to Browse and play radio stations and songs independent of what's being played in the other room and the audio output will be coming out your phone's speaker or headphone jack.

Nice, I'll try that too !

I still have some difficulties to see the roles of moodeaudio and the other pieces of software in order for them to work together...
I understand how NAS, a web server, an audio stream work, but I don't see the link and the distinction between DLNA and uPnP technologies, and I don't get what kind of "file server" vlc expect and moodeaudio offers.

But first : test,
then : dig

(but i will never ever put my music close to an apple product  Big Grin)
DLNA is a set of standards developed by a consortium of media tech manufacturers for specifically playing audio and video over a network. UPnP is a set of protocols for devices to communicate with each other over a network but is not limited to audio or video data. Thus, DLNA uses UPnP protocols to connect devices and communicate over the network in order to play AV media.

MoOde can be enabled as a DLNA/UPnP server, which means that mobile apps that are compatible with DLNA such as VLC, foobar2000, BubbleUPnP, etc, can act as clients to access and search it's database and then play the audio files over the network to the local renderer (the mobile phone).

Just my input, the solution threadstarter looks for is Plex and plexmediaserver, it is preconfiged to reach files on a NAS from outside, but you will
need a plexpass. and a computer/rpi who runs the plexmediaserver.

maybe I get banned , but I love moodeaudio for what it already can do.

And by the way, you dont need an extra app, you can reach your files from a webbrowser for example just punch the servers IP and voila.

Just like you do with moodeaudio.
RPi3 v1.2 -> IQaudio Dac+ -> Luxman L430 -> Sonab Oa12
It can be pretty simple to run a VPN server at home, if you want to throw some money at it for convenience you can buy a router that has a built-in VPN server and dynamic DNS capabilities.
My Asus router has this and works great, with one tap on my phone I can connect to my home network securely with OpenVPN Connect and play my library on the NAS with USB Audio Player Pro, use Yatse to stream from Kodi or MPDroid to stream from Moode.

You have plenty of options once you sort out the connectivity to your home network... and no, port forwarding to allow direct connections from internet should not really be an option.

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