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Can't get Moode to sort by Artist
Whether I sort by Albumview Sort Order or Tagview Sort Order by Artist, Artist/year, or Year -- it always sorts by Album. Am I missing a setting someplace?
It's the feature of Library-Tag/Album, not Library-Folder.
Is there a way to make the playlists sort by Artist then by Song? Or at least, just by song? It seems to sort only by Album.
What "playlists" are you referring to?
When I select a folder of music and select "clear and play" -- I would like that list to sort by Artist (or filename would be fine as well).
If there is more demand for something like this in Folder view I'll add it to the TODO list.
OK, thanks!

Assuming a Playlist can be sorted by Artist, is there a way to create a saved playlist based on a folder, then either manually or automatically refresh the playlist whenever I add files to that folder?

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