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Solved: Album tracks indexed eight times
(09-14-2020, 05:28 PM)dwlacroix Wrote: I'm guessing that you have 8 albums with the title "Greatist Hits." I reported the same issue on another thread. Per Tim Curtis, it is to be fixed in the next update.


Almost spot on!

In fact I have 7 albums, not 8, named "Greatest Hits" and each exhibits the same multiple track listing. I will update to moOde 7 when it is released.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to offer advice and suggestions.
Instead of naming the album just "Greatest Hits" why not "Fleetwood Mac's - Greatest Hits" And similarly for the other "Greatest Hits" albums. I started doing this years ago due to problems finding albums when using other applications. I do the same for "Best Of" albums, and any similarly generic album names. My Library has in excess of 4,000 albums, and I rarely have any issues this way.
Many thanks for the suggestion.

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