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Problem: Track Progress Counter gets out of sync
I'm wondering if this is another browser/platform specific thing.  When using Moode in Chrome on my Android phone if I switch to another tab for a while and switch back the track progress slider gets woefully out of sync.   For example if I start a song then switch tabs and come back before the song ends the slider will still be essentially at beginning of the song.  It never catches up without a reload.
IIRC it's been that way since day one. If its not the topmost window the time knob progress slider doesn't update. I think it might have something to do with jQuery.knob.js and how it renders things but I've never tried to debug it.
It’s not the knob code, there’s no real sync between playback and the progress indicators as they just use a timer (which I’ve been meaning to replace but yeah). I think the problem is mpd.json related, as in it gets stale.

I’ll take a look at it, this annoys me as well on occasion.

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