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Idea: CD reader
Hi everybody,
I’d like to Connect a CD reader with my RPi 3b+ and use it with MoOde.
Wich CDReader can i use ?
So, I hope you understand that this is not a plug-n-play situation, at least not yet.

Ashley Cox initially developed and I "polished" some code which implements the CDPlay functionality described in my HOWTO (which references my my github repo). 

You have to install the code yourself. To the best of my knowledge it works with the current moOde release but I haven't looked at the codebase in 8 months. In particular, Version 1 is not finished and I can't get back to it for some time.

As the README there describes, I did most of my testing with a LG "Slim Portable DVD Writer" model GP65NB60. ISTR I also used Samsung "Portable DVD Writer" model SE-208. I did not have to use a Powered USB hub but among the few other users, some found it to be necessary with their player. I believe this is all hashed out in the HOWTO thread. It would seem any ordinary USB CD/DVD writer/player made within the last 5-10 years should work, but YMMV.

Also, there is @TheMetalHead's HOWTO which describes a different approach.



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